Buy One Give One®

One for you,
and the other for someone.
When you purchase a product from the CARRY THE SUN official store
CARRY THE SUN®️ automatically has no light
Deliver to domestic and overseas regions.

Buy One Give One®

One for you and one for someone.
I want to divide the ordinary life with lights.
With that in mind, we are conducting an activity called BuyOne GiveOne®.

In neighboring countries, which are only a few hours away by plane from Japan, electricity supply is low and electricity costs are high due to various reasons such as politics and industry. There are also many people who live inconvenient lives without electricity. For those of us who live on free electricity, there are still many people in developing countries who cannot freely use even the lights, and there are few opportunities to know what life is like without lights. Even if there is no power infrastructure, solar power will light up. If you have a night light, you can read a book and study. You can safely walk on a pitch-black road. The family can get together and eat under the light. There are many things that can improve people's lives with just a few lights.

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CARRY THE SUN®️ is a mechanism that automatically reaches domestic and overseas areas without lights when purchased from the official CARRY THE SUN®️ store. CARRY THE SUN®️ is a light that can be used anywhere without the need for electricity and special equipment. I want to provide peace of mind with lights to people who are anxious and inconveniently living without lights. The Landport staff themselves and cooperating NPOs will deliver CARRY THE SUN®️ directly. Every time you use CARRY THE SUN®️, I think that the same thing is useful for someone and feel the connection with people in the world. That is the new form of support we think of.

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Participate as a company

With increasing interest in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), many companies are participating in social contribution activities in some way. We will propose "Buy One Give One ®" that suits each company. For more information, please contact us using the Inquiry Form .

  • ・I want to use it at events such as anniversary events.
  • ・I want to make face-to-face social contribution activities.
  • ・I want to improve my corporate image.
  • ・I want to carry out social contribution activities that meet the corporate philosophy and purpose.

など、各企業様に合った「Buy One Give One®」をご提案させていただきます。


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