Futaba Town, Fukushima Prefecture Reconstruction Support Project has started

Futaba Town, Fukushima Prefecture × CARRY THE SUN®
Futaba Town, Fukushima Prefecture Reconstruction Support Project

Buy a "CARRY THE SUN®" Futaba-cho limited model and support the reconstruction of Futaba-cho!


What is a reconstruction support project?

In Futaba Town, Fukushima Prefecture, evacuation orders were issued throughout the town due to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station accident caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, forcing all townspeople to evacuate. The townspeople fell apart as they moved from one evacuation center to another. Ten years after the earthquake, the return of the townspeople is scheduled to begin around the spring of 2022. For that reason, Futaba Town is working on town development from scratch so that many people can visit again while improving the living environment at a rapid pace.

We, who sympathize with Futaba Town's efforts, want as many people as possible to pay attention to Futaba Town's efforts, so we bought "Carry the Sun Futaba Town Limited Model". Sold in the One Give One® method.

Buy One Give One®方式

Buy One Give One® is a mechanism that automatically delivers to domestic and overseas regions that are in trouble when purchased from the CARRY THE SUN® official store. Every time you purchase CARRY THE SUN®, the same number of purchases will be donated to Futaba Town to help with reconstruction efforts.

Every time you use CARRY THE SUN®, you think that the same light is useful for someone, and you feel connected with people in the troubled area. That is the new form of support we think of.

This project will give us an opportunity to learn about Futaba Town, and we aim to have as many people as possible visit Futaba Town. And, through this project, I would like to illuminate the townspeople who live far away with the light of hope.


CARRY THE SUN® Futaba Town Limited Model

The Futaba-cho limited model is a package of mural paintings produced by OVER ALLs Co., Ltd. (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) and the "FUTABA Art District", an initiative to regenerate the town with art promoted by volunteers of Futaba-cho. It will be sold at the CARRY THE SUN official online store, Sun Plaza Futaba in the Futaba Town Industrial Exchange Center, and OVER Alls STORE (for a limited time).


All 4 types: Price 4,290 yen (tax included)

CARRY THE SUN® Product Features

Super lightweight and super compact!

Only 1.2 cm when folded. Weighs only 86g (medium)

Super easy and super convenient!

Just pull the belt to make it cube-shaped. It can be used by anyone anytime, anywhere.

Eco-friendly solar charging

Fully charged in about 8 hours. It charges only with natural energy, does not require batteries, and does not generate garbage.

Will not break even if dropped

It has passed the opening and closing test 1500 times in a row with durable sewing using UV resistant thread.
It is safe even if it falls unexpectedly by clearing the drop test conforming to the US Department of Defense MIL standard / JIS standard.

Waterproof specifications that can be wet with water

Made from durable yacht sail fabric with a three-layer structure that is highly durable and waterproof.
It is waterproof and dustproof (IP67), so it can be used in sudden rain.

Lights up to 72 hours

Lights for up to 72 hours.(Medium)
With LED indicator that shows the remaining charge at a glance


Mural art story introduction

Vol.1 "HERE WE GO"


A mural painted on the site of "Kitchen Takasaki" and "JOE'S MAN". The title "HERE WE GO" literally means "Let's go", but the existence proof that the shop loved by the locals was certainly here (HERE) and a new one from here (HERE) It represents a strong will to the future to get off to a good start.

Vol.2 "First Penguins"


"Penguins" is a fast food restaurant near Futaba-cho station. The shopkeeper, Mama, who is a consultant for visitors, looks into the future of the town from the shop's famous donuts.



A mural overlaid on Vol.3 "FUTABA", which depicts the 10-year growth of a boy who was 2 years old at the time. The rear-view mirror shows the scenery of Futaba Town in the past, and the windshield shows the scenery of Futaba Town today. The art is layered to express the changes of time.

Vol.5 "HERE WE ARE-Yoisho! ~ ”

Vol.5 『HERE WE ARE~ヨイショ!~』

This art depicts a scene in which the hands of the townspeople pull the reins at the traditional event "Giant Daruma Hiki" in Futaba Town. It represents the message that the townspeople of Futaba Town will draw the future.

OVER ALLs and FUTABA Art District

OVER ALLs Co., Ltd. (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) is a group of art creators who convey the corporate philosophy, vision, concept, etc. with murals in various places such as offices and stores, with the corporate philosophy of "Enjoy and be good".
FUTABA ART DISTRICT is a project to liven up Futaba Town, which OVER ALLs is working on, with art. We are challenging the theme of "reconstruction by WOW instead of HOW".

◇ OVER ALLs Co., Ltd.

◇ Futaba Town Homepage

◇ Futaba Town Industrial Exchange Center

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